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Financial Literacy and Consumer Life Skills Taught by Young People

Lessons That Will Last a Lifetime

FoolProof provides teachers a completely remote, turnkey and free consumer life skills curriculum.

The staggering amount of time kids spend on digital devices makes them particularly vulnerable to marketers.

FoolProof's Financial Literacy Curriculum provides a powerful antidote. It empowers kids at a critical time in their development by teaching healthy skepticism.

Kids who use the Curriculum will be better equipped to avoid scams, resist impulse buying and recognizing manipulative marketing techniques.

The FoolProof Curriculum go beyond traditional financial literacy.

FoolProof's curriculum teaches life skills focused on the root causes of economic inequality. All delivered online for the Covid age.

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Here is how to implement FoolProof into all forms of learning.

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"A Free & Turnkey Financial Literacy Curriculum Teaching Healthy Skepticism Makes FoolProof Unique."

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Extraordinary Endorsements

FoolProof's messaging is shaped by educators and consumer advocates, not by marketers.

That's why our school curriculum is the only curriculum in the world (literally) endorsed by Fairplay, Public Citizen, the National Association of Consumer Advocates and Public Citizen.

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Your children’s financial lives may depend on it...

FoolProof provides a free consumer life skills curriculum to middle and high school teachers as well as homeschool parents and individuals.

The curriculum teaches a new type of financial literacy.

Just wanted to let you know that I have retired from teaching. I want to thank you for the excellent material that you brought to my Consumer Literacy classroom during my last few years of teaching. It allowed me to throw out traditional Consumer Math textbooks and bring in fresh material that my students eagerly welcomed. It took me two summers to develop an entirely book-free curriculum and there is no way I could have accomplished without FoolProof. Thank you so much for making my final years a pleasure and most importantly, helping my students learn the real value of Consumer Literacy through FoolProof lessons.

Chuck Ricevuto

Be FoolProof — Learn to Make Thoughtful Decisions

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Here is an overview of Coronavirus resources to help you in these uncertain times.

FoolProof & Walter Cronkite

"The FoolProof Foundation believes there is a fundamental flaw in the teaching of financial literacy."

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